Killing Season Part 1 - Faye Kellerman

Killing Season Part 1

By Author Faye Kellerman

  • Release Date: 2017-09-19
  • Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers
Killing Season Part 1
Book Rating: 4/5
Based on 11 Reviews

Killing Season Part 1 - Faye Kellerman Book Description

In the first installment of New York Times bestselling author Faye Kellerman’s three-part series, she spins the electrifying story of a teenaged boy on a quest to find the twisted serial killer who murdered his sister…

Ben Vicksburg’s world was shattered forever when his sister Ellen went missing four years ago in the small town of River Remez, New Mexico. Ben was the one to discover her body in a shallow grave by the river’s edge on the first anniversary of her disappearance. On that day, he made a promise to Ellen that he would do whatever it took to find the monster who kidnapped and strangled her.

Several years later, the police believe Ellen was the victim of a serial killer known as the Demon, but Ben isn’t convinced. As a math whiz, Ben is able to see patterns that don’t match. And when he researches other similar unsolved murders, he’s convinced the killer is still out there stalking more young girls. Though Detective Sam Shanks, the lead cop on the case, thinks Ben’s obsession has gone too far and warns him to back off, he refuses to give up. But when Ro Majors, the most popular girl in school, offers to help him, Ben not only finds an ally in the beautiful cheerleader he’s quickly falling hard for, but he also learns they share a bizarre coincidence that brings them closer together.

As their search leads to the grisly discovery of the corpse of Katie Doogan, Ben becomes more desperate than ever to find this cunning, methodical killer before he strikes again.

Find out what happens in Killing Season, Part 2, as the danger intensifies when Ben and Ro travel to California in their search to uncover a serial killer's identity.

Book Reviews

  • Killing season

    By Cgpcpa
  • Amazing turn

    By WET Sr
    I’ve been such a fan of the Decker for so long that I’d begun to feel like a member of the family. That made this book an amazing turn of events. Mrs. Kellerman, I was stunned by the turn, enthralled by the story, moved in emotion by the way you drew me into the lives of the characters. I have always enjoyed your books, but this one captured me as none before. I know it must be a plot in the family that both you and Johnathan have stepped outside the long running characters. but I’ve got to say, with all due respect to the guys, you outdistanced them by a mile. As a thriller it is a page turner; could not put it down. As a character study, of many characters, it moved me- to the point of tears in the conclusion following the penultimate climax. Even in literary form, it was perfection. Thank you for a REAL conclusion and not just a “caught the SOB, good bye.” Guess you can figure out that I really, REALLY like it. (Nod to Ms. Fields.)
  • Not Her Best

    By The Real Squeaks
    This is not Kellerman’s best effort. It has tortured teenage dialogue and a way too dragged out plot. I decided I didn’t care for the book, but kept plugging anyway, hoping for a payoff that never came.