A Spring Deception - Jess Michaels

A Spring Deception

By Author Jess Michaels

  • Release Date: 2016-09-06
  • Genre: Historical
A Spring Deception
Book Rating: 4.5/5
Based on 12 Reviews

A Spring Deception - Jess Michaels Book Description

The second book in the next historical romance series from USA Today Bestselling Romance Author Jess Michaels 

Miss Celia Fitzgilbert’s grandfather has decreed she must marry a man with a title or he’ll never reveal her mysterious father’s identity. But her engagement to an Earl was already broken, leaving her steeped in scandal. She has all but given up until the reclusive Duke of Clairmonte returns to Society and sweeps her off her feet, a potential solution to all her problems.

But things are not so simple for the duke. Aiden is not comfortable with his position in Society, perhaps because he is a fraud. In truth, Clairmonte died months ago and the man playing him is a spy, bent on uncovering a dangerous secret. A flirtation with Celia, meant to help him fit in, quickly turns very real. But can Celia recover when the lies come out? Ad can Aiden keep them both alive long enough to even consider a future?

Length: Full-length novel
Sensuality level: Hot and steamy 

This book can be read as a stand-alone novel, but is part of a series (Seasons)