The Girl With The Gun - Emily Kimelman

The Girl With The Gun

By Author Emily Kimelman

  • Release Date: 2016-09-10
  • Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers
The Girl With The Gun
Book Rating: 4.5/5
Based on 81 Reviews

The Girl With The Gun - Emily Kimelman Book Description

Justice with a Vengeance
Could you give up your freedom to protect your friends?

When international fugitive Sydney Rye turns herself over to authorities in order to protect the vigilante network she inspired, her freedom depends on helping Homeland Security shift the tides in a war for "hearts and minds."

Sydney Rye is tasked with the perfect assignment; recruit female fighters to take on jihadists. Being killed by a woman is the only thing the extremists fear because they believe it bars their entrance to Heaven. But when the director who enlisted Sydney Rye is killed, and the deal she made is scrapped, Sydney and Blue are left in a war zone, hunted by both the U.S. government and jihadists.

Download this book today because you love powerful women, gritty mysteries, and heroic dogs. Join the adventure!

★ "Emily Kimelman has reimagined a traditional genre for a new generation."
-New York Times Best-Selling Author of Black Hawk Down, Mark Bowden. ★

The Sydney Rye series has been downloaded over a million times. Recommended for adults who love brave female protagonists, dogs, and action packed series that you can't put down until you've read them all. If you have trouble with the f-bomb, violence or sex (not graphic but out of wedlock).. then you shouldn't start this's just not your thing.

Book Reviews

  • Best Plot Twist Yet!!!!

    By 5sosdirectioner
    I received this early ARC for a honest review. Honestly I let this book take me on a journey. There was a combination of stories going on that I felt each was leading me somewhere that stated at one place and knew that the whole thing would be shook up at the end. Sydney and Robert, Sydney and Mulberry, Mulberry and Sandy. I mean wow. Not to leave anyone else out because it was just a lot of feelings going around. April. I know I didn't like her after all the crap she has done in the past but I am letting her grow on me. Her message is a simple message that is a struggle everyone faces. One that has been a war from the beginning of time. What is our value with god? What should we believe? Very powerful questions. To see April stand up and take charge. I was very proud of her. Even if the Sydney stuff doesn't pan out. Questions I scream at the book at some point. What the hell is going on with Sydney? Will we find "HER" ? How much Brain damage can this girl have? Mulberry??? really??? I am so ugh. WHAT is Sydney going to do about Mulberry? ( I am kind of glad how it ended now) As you can see I had a bunch of stuff going on for this book. So many Feelings. I was confused as to how I wanted it to end. I wanted to stop at one point and cry because I knew that the journey I thought we where on had changed and I was scared the ending was going to be worse then any I thought of. I did reread the ending twice because I am up in the air with how I feel. It was a plot twist for sure. I feel going into the next book we will be getting a new life and different growth for Sydney. I am leaving out so much. Yes, you should read this book. You will loose your mind if you don't. Go back and pick up them all and binge read them.
  • Love this entire series!

    By ByFelicia
    I love Sydney and Blue. Their relationship knows no boundaries. She would die for him as easily as he would for her. Blue is the only constant that Sydney has and the only one she’s allowed completely into her heart. She’s accepted her fate and realizes that peace will only come for her in the form of death. But we all know our girl won’t go down without a fight. This book makes valid points on how women are underestimated and considered second class the world over. But when given the chance can rise up and make a phenomenal difference. Women are warriors because we are stronger. Action, drama, thrilling, adrenaline pumping, gritty, are all things that describe this series. #Towanda #RighterOfWrongs
  • Great Read!

    By TexasMan39
    If you like action packed stories and a dog featured in it, you will love this book! As for me I have to go download the next book to see the rest of the story!
  • The Girl With The Gun

    By Fatjake2
    This is a great novel with strong,compelling, likable women. The reality of current times and circumstances added to the reading experience. Keep up the good work because there will never be too many good writers!
  • The girl with the gun, awesome story!

    By redsunsetsailor
    This was the best thriller I’ve read this year. The characters were very real and the story was pedal to the metal beginning to end. Kept me up most of the night. Highly recommended. Rich
  • The Girl With A Gun

    By getlt
    Nice read!!!!
  • The Girl With The Gun finished too soon!

    By Marvey Mezzo
    Travel, a cold and the holidays have given me the luxury of time to read all eight Sidney Rye books in less than a month. Page turners each one, these books have been peopled with characters I've grown to care about. Sidney and her well trained dog, Blue, work with other vigilantes to bring justice to the oppressors, the slavers, and the other bad men in the world who think they can get away with abusing women and children. This book takes Sidney and Blue to the Kurdish area of Iraq, where she helps women fight for their country and their sisters' rights. Like the other books in the series, it's a well written page turner which satisfies the senses.
  • The Girl with a Gun

    By Queengolfer
    Please tell me this is not the last of the Sydney Rye series, that she is not dead, just unconscious!! Great series! It has everything in it, excitement, adventure, mystery, humor!! A must read!
  • All Emily Kimilman books.,

    By Supergramsey72
    What a good writer. I have read all the Sydney Rye series of eight books. You will want to read each one in one sitting without putting it down if you can. They are really action packed and leave you breathless to the end and you can't wait to read the next. I can't wait for the ninth one! Glenda Ramsey
  • Girl with a gun

    By BarbieJean92
    It was an excellent read, full of action and intrigue. I read all of the previous books and enjoyed them all. Definitely not for children.