A Beautiful, Terrible Thing - Jen Waite

A Beautiful, Terrible Thing

By Author Jen Waite

  • Release Date: 2017-07-11
  • Genre: Biographies & Memoirs
A Beautiful, Terrible Thing
Book Rating: 4.5/5
Based on 201 Reviews

A Beautiful, Terrible Thing - Jen Waite Book Description

**An International Bestseller**

“Like Big Little LiesA Beautiful Terrible Thing is a startling reminder that fairy tales aren’t real. A master class in suspenseful storytelling, Jen Waite recounts the lies, betrayals, and infidelity she endured with unrestrained honesty and deft candor. I couldn’t turn away.”—Jillian Lauren, New York Times bestselling author of Some Girls: My Life in a Harem and Everything You Ever Wanted

What do you do when you discover that the person you've built your life around never existed? When “it could never happen to me” does happen to you?

These are the questions facing Jen Waite when she begins to realize that her loving husband—the father of her infant daughter, her best friend, the love of her life—fits the textbook definition of psychopath. In a raw, first-person account, Waite recounts each heartbreaking discovery, every life-destroying lie, and reveals what happens once the dust finally settles on her demolished marriage.

After a disturbing email sparks Waite's suspicion that her husband is having an affair, she tries to uncover the truth and rebuild trust in her marriage. Instead, she finds more lies, infidelity, and betrayal than she could have imagined. Waite obsessively analyzes her relationship, trying to find a single moment from the last five years that isn't part of the long-con of lies and manipulation. With a dual-timeline narrative structure, we see Waite's romance bud, bloom, and wither simultaneously, making the heartbreak and disbelief even more affecting.

Book Reviews

  • Griping Story-everyone can relate

    By jd4real
    I have to say this is an excellent read. At first I was not convinced there was as much substance as I would have liked. The journey begins to make sense, the “before” and “afters” cling together to bring you full circle. We all know someone like Marco. The riddled behavior of a sociopath is often impossible to unravel or make sense of. This book does an excellent job of doing just that ....we can see within the illusions and begin to make some sense of how to avoid or escape from these traumatic relationships. An excellent read! Very happy to hear Jen is moving forward with her career.
  • Just ok

    By Lauer power
    I have to say for memoir it was written well. However, as somebody else said the ending was just blah. I just felt that there was more to tell.
  • Just OK

    By putalittleouzoinyourtank
    Thought this would offer more based on the description, really just a straightforward memoir about a woman's terrible experience with her ex. The story was kind of interesting and I kept reading to see how it ended, but it's like something you would watch on Dr. Phil.
  • Such a great book!

    By Eby312
    Well written, honest, heart wrenching story about love and life and how sometimes the fairy tale turns into a nightmare. But there is a rainbow and some sunshine at the end of it all. I read this book in literally two nights (I have a newborn so sleeping is nonexistent anyway) but I literally could not put it down and was sad when I finished it because I wanted to keep reading! You will not be disappointed with this book. A relatable story told for any woman! But the book!
  • Amazing book!

    By DaianaBenitez
    I believe every women should read it, even though you haven't experience a rocky relationship. Currently searching for the Spanish version
  • Couldn't put it down

    By Michellenyc
    Admittedly I was attracted to this book because the author lived in my neighborhood and I am a mom of a three year old. I was quickly drawn into Jenn's story, found myself livid with disrespect for this man I've never met and the level of hurt he's instilled in this new mom. I pictured myself as a new mom, all the emotions, it is not an easy time, I couldn't imagine finding myself in this situation. As a woman and mom, my heart goes out to Jenn but I also know she will be okay.
  • Old relationships

    By Batfacegirl
    I downloaded this book yesterday, I love to read non-fiction books mostly, and I could not put it down. I finished reading it the next morning. Surprisingly, my own past experiences and hurtful relationships were mirrored. The men I chose were sociopaths. Like a missing piece to a puzzle, Clarity comes to me. My husband of 20 years has taught me what truly loving, healthy relationship is. My story has a happy ending also. Thank you for writing this book, it may help countless women to understand the dynamics of being in a relationship with a sociopath and pathological liar. It opened my eyes.
  • Powerful!

    By Afh69
    What a fantastic book! I am so thankful that the author took the time to write down what is of course a terribly painful experience so that others might learn from her or be comforted by her success in her perseverance through the pain.
  • So powerful

    By Icefun1
    This is a powerful book with so many feelings that it takes my breath away. Thank you, Jen, for having the courage to share it.
  • Riveting, heartbreaking, real

    By ShannonCarter
    Jen eloquently tells the story of her marriage, shifting from before and after the big shift. She feels like your best friend, she feels like you and leaves you dying to know how she's doing if you happen to put the book down. She ties earlier pieces together later on, creating a web of clues for you and her to discover later on. Heartbreaking to hear her and her daughters struggle but masterfully written.