Dragons RPG - Felicia Knight

Dragons RPG

By Author Felicia Knight

  • Release Date: 2017-01-08
  • Genre: Games

Dragons RPG - Felicia Knight Book Description

DRAGONS RPG (Diceless, Rule-sparse, All-Genre, Open, Nonrestrictive System for RPGs) is a flexible roleplaying system that combines the best parts of classical pen and paper games like interesting adventures, rich characters and a unique battle system, with elements of a trading card game. The cards you are using are, however, conventional poker cards, so there is no need to spend money on collecting them.
DRAGONS RPG can be used in any setting, ranging from fantasy over apocalyptic or horror to science fiction, so that adventures from other franchises can be easily adapted and played with DRAGONS RPG.
There is no need for dice or dice rolls, all randomness comes from drawing or playing cards. This makes combat more of a strategically interesting experience and far quicker than systems where lots of dice must be rolled in order to determine the effect of a single attack.
Like a classical pen and paper role playing game, DRAGONS RPG should be played with a game master. Cooperation is very important, and the possibility to trade cards with your allies during combat and the fact that every character can use cards for different effects, makes combat very tactical and interesting.