The Phantom of the Earth - Raeden Zen

The Phantom of the Earth

By Author Raeden Zen

  • Release Date: 2017-03-22
  • Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy
The Phantom of the Earth
Book Rating: 4.5/5
Based on 14 Reviews

The Phantom of the Earth - Raeden Zen Book Description

Herbert's DUNE meets Banks' THE PLAYER OF GAMES in THE PHANTOM OF THE EARTH, a spellbinding science fiction epic set deep underground after the fall of civilization on Earth's surface. Here are the five thought-provoking postapocalyptic stories that lovers of science fiction can't stop talking about, gathered together in one volume for the first time.

At the center of the conflict lie the Selendias of Piscator, founders of the resistance with an uncanny connection to the zeropoint field; and the BarĂ£o Strike Team, three researchers tasked with finding a cure to the Reassortment Strain, the plague that nearly wiped humanity from the Earth. Traveling from the uninhabitable but pristine surface to the habitable but inhospitable underground, this is a story about dedication to dreams, battle for survival, discovery and connection, song and celebration, undoing past misdeeds, and sacrifice for the greater good.