The Road to Helltown - SM Reine

The Road to Helltown

By Author SM Reine

  • Release Date: 2017-10-23
  • Genre: Fantasy
The Road to Helltown
Book Rating: 5/5
Based on 5 Reviews

The Road to Helltown - SM Reine Book Description

My name's Cèsar Hawke, and the people in my life are filled with good intentions.

We all know where that ends up.

A fissure to Hell has ripped from Las Vegas to Los Angeles and now half the City of Dis is in my hometown. Helltown's hotter than ever. Demon dynasties are on the rise. Nightmares are out to get me.

Staying alive means forgiving people I've kicked out of my life, it means getting vicious with magic, and yeah, it means I'm dealing with dead bodies. Lots of them.

I'm Cèsar Hawke. I used to be an agent with the Office of Preternatural Affairs. And this is how the world ends.