Dirty Dom - Willow Winters

Dirty Dom

By Author Willow Winters

  • Release Date: 2016-05-28
  • Genre: Contemporary
Dirty Dom
Book Rating: 4.5/5
Based on 90 Reviews

Dirty Dom - Willow Winters Book Description

Dominic Valetti is only interested in two things: getting paid and getting laid. 

He’s a bookie for the Valetti crime family, and he knows his sh*t. Dom’s busy doing business, no time to dabble in social niceties. The women that chase after him wanting more than a dirty, hard f*ck are only gonna get their hearts broken. 

That is, until Becca stumbles into his office to pay off her ex’s debt. A hot brunette who’s just as guarded as he is and has a body made for sin… and for him. They’re not meant to be together. A woman like her shouldn’t be with a man like him. He’s mobbed up; she’s a good girl who deserves better. 

When they push their boundaries and cave to temptation, they both forget about the danger. And that’s a mistake a man like Dom can’t afford. 

This is a standalone, full-length mafia romance with a filthy-mouthed, possessive bad boy. Guaranteed HEA.

Book Reviews

  • great!

    By reviewgirl124
    I recommend it for everyone who loves a good romance !
  • AMAZING!!!

    By Bruveni
    I honestly can’t believe this was her First novel. Amazing story, amazing characters, amazing everything. I can’t get over it. This book was perfect and incredibly addicting
  • 5/5

    By Kelker98
    I’ve read this book 4 times and it never disappoints
  • Love

    By j762810463619103746
    Loved it, now i just want a book about chase
  • Dirty Dom

    By Crazy Babygirl
    So hot! Couldn't put it down. Steamy hot sex. Good read for moms who may get a second chance
  • Word Choice & Other Issues

    By JackieMichele
    My mom always told me that if you keep using the same word over and over again you just aren't smart enough to think of a better word. Case and point: This book. It's as if the author was having a one person contest to see how many f-bombs she can drop on one page. Other issues: the ridiculously long prologue, lack of research to make the mob centered plot believable, and the constant back and forth between point of views. Just tell it in the third person and move on.
  • Grab it now!!

    By Fish city
    Dirty Dom captured my attention right from the very first pages. I am so happy I was able to find this author and get started on the Valetti series! Dom and Becky are so much fun to read and get in trouble with!!! If you haven't already, you need to check out this series...starting with Dirty Dom!

    By Bookbytch5
    Oh my god what a fantastic book, If you really like Dominant Alpha male that has a soft & sweet side then DOm is your man
  • Love this series

    By ddfbush
    I. Love. This. Series. No really, who doesn't love a good "bad boy / good girl" novel? This one though, not your typical story! He's a good man at heart just following in family business. She is just paying off her ex's debts. Only to become entangled with Dom. I loved watching the characters unfold. Over all-get the book!
  • Great Read!

    By Kimmys-cats3
    I totally devoured this book what amazing characters. I absolutely love both main characters perspectives It just grabbed me and didn't let go. I completely fell in love with how personalities were brought out and HEART. *sigh* I really didn't want the book to be over.