The True Story of Fake News - Mark Dice

The True Story of Fake News

By Author Mark Dice

  • Release Date: 2017-11-01
  • Genre: Politics & Current Events
The True Story of Fake News
Book Rating: 5/5
Based on 48 Reviews

The True Story of Fake News - Mark Dice Book Description

Is fake news being spread through social media as part of an information war?  Are political operatives publishing disinformation to smear the opposition and help their own agendas?  Who creates fake news, how does it spread, and can it be stopped?   

What are the real world effects of fake news stories that go viral?  Did it affect the outcome of the 2016 presidential election?  Or is ‘fake news’ a fake problem, designed to justify tighter control over the mechanisms of sharing information online to drive audiences back to brand name media outlets because their audiences and influence are dwindling?  

Media analyst Mark Dice takes a close look at the fake news phenomenon and the implications of mega-corporations like Facebook, Google, and Twitter becoming the ultimate gatekeepers and distributors of news and information.  

You will see the powerful and deceptive methods of manipulation that affect us all, as numerous organizations and political activists cunningly plot to have their stories seen, heard, and believed by as many people as possible.  

The depths of lies, distortions, and omissions from traditional mainstream media will shock you; and now they’re colluding with the top tech companies trying to maintain their information monopolies.  This is The True Story of Fake News.  

Book Reviews

  • This book is REAL news

    By mariomaster2011
    This book is fantastic. Dice paints a true and straight to the point story about how the mainstream media is attempting to take over the world. You will enjoy this book because I know I sure have.
  • Amazing insights on a dirty media.

    By igorcgarcia01
    The fake media, led by CNN, MSNBC, and many other mainstream news outlets (except for Fox News and Breitbart) are unmasked in this book with facts and the truth.
  • Literal vampire potbelly goblins

    By we wuz kangs
    I really have to pinch myself daily when I wake up and Trump is my President and we have people like Mark Dice and Alex Jones telling us how it is!!! I also wake up and check for new videos by Mark Dice! Oh and notice I am a VERIFIED buyer
  • Powerful media

    By yvonnevictoria
    I think the biased media is a huge problem in our society. This book lays out the specific problems in ways you would never think of. Great book- totally worth it. Give a copy to your children- they should learn that not everything on the news should be believed
  • Finally someone exposing the fake media

    By got5150
    Well written glad Mark included footnotes that verify his writing.
  • Spot On!

    By Nandobyson28
    This book is amazingly put together, in every aspect you can see and experience what you on a daily basis have been forced fed by the liberal hate Trump media.
  • Disgusting racist pig

    By Jason6564646468
    I wouldn't use this book to clean up dog crap
  • Impressive from all angles

    By BobBalfe
    Fact after fact Mark reminds you of so many instances of fake news and enlightens you on even more. The detail and breadth of this book is impressive alone. I could not put it down. So many of my own impressions were validated and I learned about so much more detail on the things I thought I already knew. Great book, must read for both sides of the isle.
  • Excellent book that tells the truth and exposes the media

    By B.Sutu
    Mark Dice is someone worth listening to. The guy paints the picture in a frank and honest way backed by research, facts and logic. This is a good book.
  • Most informative book out there !

    By Deacon PIB
    This book is truth personified, truly informative and compelling. This book is a must read, tells The USA what we need to know. Mark Dice is a true Patriot... Thank you for all your hard work. 🇺🇸