The Claire Agon Dragon Series - Salvador Mercer

The Claire Agon Dragon Series

By Author Salvador Mercer

  • Release Date: 2018-01-28
  • Genre: Fiction & Literature

The Claire Agon Dragon Series - Salvador Mercer Book Description

The complete Claire-Agon Dragon Series now in one boxed set. This set consists of the following Dragon Series books:

The Blue Dragon
The Green Dragon
The Black Dragon
The White Dragon
The Red Dragon

The Dragon Book Series consists of five books each highlighting one of the five chromatic dragons found in the world of Claire-Agon. Each book can be read independently of each other and in no particular order however, they take place during the same time frame and involve many of the same characters and locations of the Claire-Agon world.

The five independent dragon books will be complimented by one final epic tome that covers the dragon war coming in Summer of 2018.