Summer Knight - Jim Butcher

Summer Knight

By Author Jim Butcher

  • Release Date: 2002-09-03
  • Genre: Contemporary
Summer Knight
Book Rating: 4.5/5
Based on 604 Reviews

Summer Knight - Jim Butcher Book Description

Private detective/wizard-for-hire Harry Dresden is suckered into tangling in the affairs of Faerie, where the fate of the entire world-and his soul-are at stake.

Book Reviews

  • Storm Front Review

    By AgoreableArtist
    This is my favorite of the Dresden Files. Butcher keeps the action flowing and spins a very strong tale. Worth reading more than once.
  • The Craft

    By LitCritArkansas
    A couple of years ago, Jim Butcher's sixth grade English teacher came into the Barnes & Noble where I was supporting my teaching habit with a second income. She asked if we had any books by Jim Butcher. When she saw the collection, she said, " I always knew he had talent." I taught high schoolers the craft of writing for seven years. Butcher knows the structure, the pace, and the Craft. He is a fine magician of plot. In Summer Night, Butcher sends Billy Shakespeare under hill and over stone. I caught him in only one telephonic/plot error. Read with joy.
  • Here is where it all started

    By ciparis
    This book, right here, is the book that made this series for me. Very well done. The series starts off well enough -- not groundbreaking but interesting -- and builds in quality with each subsequent book. It is with this one that I finally said wow. This is a really good read.
  • I love these books

    By grmcrkrs
    I've read some of this series before, but I loved re-reading this one. It took me for a ride and fulfilled a longing for adventure. Thanks Jim Butcher!
  • Love the book

    By awhiteknight1999
    Love the book and the writer. The only issue is there are a buttload of run-on words in this book. Someone needs to fix this big time.
  • Summer Knight

    By BongoBern
    As usual, Jim Butcher has written a great tale. There are lots of characters, a little spice, some honest innocence, and a lot of action. If I have any complaint about Harry Dresden it would be the unrelenting, stubborn, peevishness that he lives with. The constant anger may come from a warped background, but it's refreshing when he drops the cold snark for an honest emotional revelation. That being said, had the TV show been more like the books, The Dresden Files would have been on for years. I am looking forward to continuing to look into The Dresden Files.
  • Another Great Book

    By Chris is SF
    Another great Dresden book. Love the story line. The e book has some seriously frustrating issues. Couldn't add bookmarks where I wanted them and there were spacing issues all over the place. Storyline was exciting and love the character development. I do wish he'd dispense with the "hells bells" comments. Seems so out of character for Harry.
  • 4th Dresden File.

    By Hellsh
    The Story is great, as usual. The formating of this eBook is over parts a nightmare. Words not seperated, random use of cursive or different fonts for no reason.