The Games Do Count - Brian Kilmeade

The Games Do Count

By Author Brian Kilmeade

  • Release Date: 2009-10-06
  • Genre: Sports & Outdoors

The Games Do Count - Brian Kilmeade Book Description

What do Henry Kissinger, Jack Welch, Condoleezza Rice, and Jon Bon Jovi have in common? They have all reached the top of their respective professions, and they all credit sports for teaching them the lessons that were fundamental to their success. In his years spent interviewing and profiling celebrities, politicians, and top businesspeople, popular sportscaster and Fox & Friends cohost Brian Kilmeade has discovered that nearly everyone shares a love of sports and has a story about how a game, a coach, or a single moment of competition changed his or her life.

These vignettes have entertained, surprised, and inspired readers nationwide with their insight into America's most respected and well-known personalities. Kilmeade presents more than seventy stories straight from the men and women themselves and those who were closest to them. From competition to camaraderie, individual achievement to teamwork, failure to success, the world of sports encompasses it all and enriches our lives. The Games Do Count reveals this simple and compelling truth: America's best and brightest haven't just worked hard -- they've played hard -- and the results have been staggering!

Book Reviews

  • The Games do Count

    By ashlyncommathe
    Like or dislike the author if you like. This is good. The personal stories of the people are enlightening. It is an interesting cross cut of characters. There can be only so many "champions" in competitive sports but as a medium to build character there can be many. Sports, home life, education, family, relationship building with others and within ourselves. It is good to see even with all our differences we are very much alike. As for the people within within the book... there are some true heroes worth emulating. Read and you will see what I mean.