LZR-1143: Infection (A Zombie Novel) - Bryan James

LZR-1143: Infection (A Zombie Novel)

By Author Bryan James

  • Release Date: 2010-08-29
  • Genre: Horror
LZR-1143: Infection (A Zombie Novel)
Book Rating: 4.5/5
Based on 940 Reviews

LZR-1143: Infection (A Zombie Novel) - Bryan James Book Description

Mike McKnight was an action movie star, condemned to a lifetime of incarceration in a psychiatric prison for the murder of someone he loves.

At least until the zombies showed up.

From his cell in the asylum, he is suddenly thrust into a nightmare of unbelievable proportions when the dead rise, and rapidly become a horrific plague on the world of the living.

Book Reviews

  • 5 star fun!

    By Luceagain
    Fun zombie read with some nice twists!
  • Review

    By Kappikuru
    Had spelling mistakes in it There is no language called Hindu
  • Pretty good

    By MVLJW
    I was definitely hooked on the story but I really didn't like Kate. She just seemed naive and weak. I would've liked her to be more tough and not so vulnerable. I disliked Kate throughout the book and probably liked Fred more.
  • Really Good!

    By AyyDeeGames
    I love it so far! Really descriptive and interesting! Read it. You will not be disappointed. This book is hooking.
  • Infection

    By Ali Coo
    I read a lot of books. I read a lot of Zombie books. As far as "INFECTION" goes I thought it quite enjoyable in the I can't put this book down variety. There was lots of shooting, biting and gore, just the ticket for a good zombie read. So, armor up, clean your weapons, grab your ammo, get your night light on and prepare to run into the mindless hoard. "We call them Zeds."
  • Gh

    By Mr redneck
  • Absolutely Phenomenal!!!

    By Cop200
    This book was amazing. It made me feel as if I was in the book. When I started reading it, I had a hard time stopping. I loved how it kept me on edge. I also loved how it also had some funny parts that gave me a good laugh. This book would make a great movie. I highly suggest this book if you are a fan of zombie novels.
  • Great read

    By cornbreadfednappyhead
    From start to finish
  • Great Z story

    By Rogerrico
    Great ending!
  • Utter crap

    By Jaded_Angel
    If you manage to read this to it's conclusion hoping it will be worth it...you will be sorely disappointed. Consider yourself forewarned.