The Bible For Dummies ®, Mini Edition - Jeffrey Geoghegan & Michael Homan

The Bible For Dummies ®, Mini Edition

By Author Jeffrey Geoghegan & Michael Homan

  • Release Date: 2010-12-13
  • Genre: Bible Studies
The Bible For Dummies ®, Mini Edition
Book Rating: 3.5/5
Based on 173 Reviews

The Bible For Dummies ®, Mini Edition - Jeffrey Geoghegan & Michael Homan Book Description

Get a glimpse inside one of the world's most influential books This down-to-earth guide introduces you to the world's most studied book, the Bible. It provides an overview of the Good Book's story, explains the region where events took place, and provides insights into why the people and places of the Bible are still important today. Open the book and find: Where the Bible came from How the Bible's books are organized How Abraham came to be the father of three faiths Profiles of major players in Judaism and Christianity Facts about Jerusalem's role in the major religions

Book Reviews

  • I liked it

    By sorry4ever
    3/22/18 I downloaded this "Mini" book a long time ago, browsed through it, and stopped reading it because I got caught up in other books. I just finished browsing it again, but I still have yet to read it from beginning to end. However, I certainly want to because I love it. I only wish that I had purchased the full version. I was never good at understanding religion. I want to learn more about mine, and I would love to learn more about other religions as well, but there is so much to learn. This mini book is not only informative, but the authors have a sense of humor. I don't know why they wrote it with some humor, but I think that they definitely meant well. I believe that the authors just wanted to make the book a bit more interesting. And I have to admit that I chuckled at some of the things that the authors wrote. I'm sure that God would not be offended at the humor in this mini book. And I would hope that you wouldn't either. I learned something from the book, and to me I believe that's important. Whether you believe or not is your choice. I just think that it's a very good thing to know just the same, and that religion in general makes you a better person.
  • From a Dummy

    By Richard E Dowell
    I feel better about my lack of knowledge. Now I need another Dummy book about comparing religions
  • Great!

    By iSport Vision Performance
    Great overview into the bible itself and how it ties into the Catholic & Muslim religions. Very nice read
  • Bible for Dummies

    By Suzanne Edstrom
    Good short overview of the bible for people with barely any prior knowledge of it like me.
  • Bible for Dummies

    By Msbankstwo
    I loved the simplicity used to explain and provide an overview of the bible. I would highly recommend this book. I plan to re-read it many times as my study of the bible deepens.