100 Quotations to Make You Think! - Wolfgang Riebe

100 Quotations to Make You Think!

By Author Wolfgang Riebe

  • Release Date: 2010-11-08
  • Genre: Self-Improvement
100 Quotations to Make You Think!
Book Rating: 4/5
Based on 15,271 Reviews

100 Quotations to Make You Think! - Wolfgang Riebe Book Description

This is a collection of quotations by authors unknown. Some are serious, others are funny. And some are very insightful. It's a mixture of new and old quotations collected from various sources over the years. The booklet is aimed at someone who will enjoy finding their own meaning from the various insights shared by these unknown authors.

Book Reviews

  • Interesting

    By Thiea Ryan
    There were some quotes I hadn’t heard previously which were enlightening. However, most quotes are pretty common and are overused.
  • Awesome!

    By Augman1
    Good read
  • Very eye catching

    By blackeymo
    Good book
  • Cute But Predictable

    By KGB5177
    There were a few gems, but many/most of the quotes were cheesy, awkwardly phrased and rehashed clichés. However, the book was free so no big deal. If I’d paid for it, then I’d be disappointed.
  • Witty and inspirational!

    By carlaxcortez
    Take some time to process every quote and your outlook on life will be changed for the better
  • Good

    By Price Piano Company
  • Beautiful

    By Core core11
    I pooped my pants twice
  • I like it

    By KitaSamone
    Great Book to read about quotations
  • 31

    By Zelda Windriver
    The same as 19
  • Very good

    By Rita😍😘☺️
    So many amazing quotes 👌👏