Yoga in a Pill - Rodney Ohebsion

Yoga in a Pill

By Author Rodney Ohebsion

  • Release Date: 2011-07-28
  • Genre: Humor
Yoga in a Pill
Book Rating: 3/5
Based on 42 Reviews

Yoga in a Pill - Rodney Ohebsion Book Description

Rodney Ohebsion on the marketing, use, and regulation of pharmaceutical drugs, cigarettes, and food.

Book Reviews

  • Yoga in a Pill

    By SueAnn14
    Interesting...but more of an essay than a book.
  • Not bad!

    By Marimakai
    Twistedly funny
  • Yoga In a Pill

    By dadadadadadadadadadadadapatman
    Interesting take on the agricultural and pharmacudical industries in America. Not written at a very high level, but it was a quick and enjoyable read.
  • Very funny!

    By believe_in_self
    Had a good laugh...