A Scandalous Secret - Ava Stone

A Scandalous Secret

By Author Ava Stone

  • Release Date: 2011-08-04
  • Genre: Historical
A Scandalous Secret
Book Rating: 4/5
Based on 75 Reviews

A Scandalous Secret - Ava Stone Book Description

Second time's the charm

Chester Peyton, the Marquess of Astwick, has never forgotten his first love. Nor has he ever gotten over her. But now thirteen years later, time has come for him to finally settle down and do his duty as far as both his title and his dragon of a mother are concerned. Everything would be so much easier if Chet’s heart didn’t still belong to the enchanting Scot he gave it to once upon a time.

After following her late-husband’s regiment from one end of the continent to the other, Lady Hannah Campbell returns to London a very different woman than the naïve lass she once was. With her two sons in tow, she now has to navigate the waters of the ton, which seem more foreign than the lands she has traversed the last dozen years. And all the while, she has to keep hidden the scandalous secret that made her flee England so very ago.

Book Reviews

  • don't bother

    By PicklesPerspective
    the story had promise, but it was a novella and abruptly stopped as if the author had a page count goal and typed " the end" as soon as she reached it. don't waste your money!
  • Good Short Read

    By Almamus
    I love Ava Stones books. It was short, but it adds depth to the series and the intertwining of her of the characters.
  • not worth the $

    By ajerzeygirl123
    had i known this was a novella i never would've bought it and wasted my time on such a short story. and the story wasn't so good that it warranted the money.