The Occupy Manifesto - Deena Sao

The Occupy Manifesto

By Author Deena Sao

  • Release Date: 2011-10-17
  • Genre: Politics & Current Events
The Occupy Manifesto
Book Rating: 3.5/5
Based on 51 Reviews

The Occupy Manifesto - Deena Sao Book Description

A concise list of the problems The Occupy movement is demonstrating against and a list our our demands.

Book Reviews

  • 99%

    By Citrus00
    Simple but right on the target. The rich get more and the rest struggle to stay out of poverty.
  • Easy read with reasonable demands

    By Muffin man deluxe
    This was a quick and easy read. The ideas it espouses are very reasonable.
  • Garbage...

    By Rneal1994
    Wonder why this country is in the shape it's in?
  • 99%

    By Maclevy
    Excellent points to support marriage for Gays & lesbians. Thanks for this book.
  • Occupy Together!

    By Matt B.
    Good concise information, serves its purpose well.