Astronomy: A Basic Introduction - Lucas Maia

Astronomy: A Basic Introduction

By Author Lucas Maia

  • Release Date: 2012-02-10
  • Genre: Astronomy
Astronomy: A Basic Introduction
Book Rating: 3.5/5
Based on 35 Reviews

Astronomy: A Basic Introduction - Lucas Maia Book Description

Astronomy is the science of the Universe. Their forms, planets, stars and other things. You will marvel at the dynamic and interactive content of this book. With stunning images and details, this book will serve as a great complement to you in the stud of astronomy.

Book Reviews

  • Waste of a 20 Mb download

    By DrChu
    There's very little content (12 pages?). It only discusses planetary science in a rather cursory way. The 'interactive' features are just links to a few Hubble images that are in the public domain. Fortunately it was 'free' as I deleted this waste of 21 Mb of space on my iPAD.