The Theory of Everything All the Way Up Enhanced Edition - Austin P. Torney

The Theory of Everything All the Way Up Enhanced Edition

By Author Austin P. Torney

  • Release Date: 2012-04-04
  • Genre: Philosophy

The Theory of Everything All the Way Up Enhanced Edition - Austin P. Torney Book Description

Lavishly color-illustrated; video.

‘Everything’ explained, its source, its Why and How, and then the Where, What, Then and When, leading on up to the Who of being, plus many discussions, epic thoughts illustrated, brain waves illustrated, and more.

Intro: The TOE must not only encompass the unification of the forces, which is the GUT (the Grand Unification theory), but it must also demonstrate why anything exists at all,  and how it does so, and, furthermore, how that ties in to what we have become up to now, such as how we operate, and so forth.

“Why does anything exist at all?” is much akin to the ‘great’ philosophical question of “Why is there something instead of nothing?”

Both questions are stated backwards, as if ‘something’ had to be decided, versus there being Nothing‚ a lack of anything. Some presume that something came from an absolute Nothing or that things are forever made of even smaller things. These are not the case, for causes cannot forever precede causes—an infinite regress, nor can a total Nothing ever produce anything, for ‘it’ has no existence, meaning that it is not even ‘there’, yet, Nothing still plays a role, as there is literally nothing to make anything of. To confirm, we look for a balance of opposites summing to zero, and, indeed, we find it. It is as if Nothing is perfectly unstable, which is why it cannot be, and is not found anywhere at all.


Brain Waves: Text and art. Astounding revelations of the mysteries of the mind and the universe. What is Consciousness and Awareness? Where did the Universe come from? What makes the mind operate as it does? What is Meditation? What is our Destiny? How do the senses work?

After the Stars are Gone: The expansive and color-illustrated answer to the future of the universe. Our fruits are of a universal seed, Are yet another yield of All possibility treed, For siblings elsewhere in the entropic sea Are also born of such probability.

All That Lies Between: The glorious and color-illustrated answer to what rules all, in between the beginning and the end of the universe. Out of energy’s dispersion and decay of quality Comes the emergence of growth and complexity.

The Lore and Legends of the Colors.

Epic Test.

A Love Story of the Earth and the Moon.