Rich Habits - Thomas Corley

Rich Habits

By Author Thomas Corley

  • Release Date: 2010-03-01
  • Genre: Personal Finance
Rich Habits
Book Rating: 4.5/5
Based on 201 Reviews

Rich Habits - Thomas Corley Book Description

The Rich Habits are ten Keystone Habits created through years of researching the daily success habits of his wealthiest clients. Adopting these ten habits will miraculously transform every individual who comes into contact with them. By applying these habits, you are literally walking in the footsteps of the wealthy.
In Rich Habits, Tom Corley provides a step by step financial success program that is concise, easy to understand and even easier to apply, regardless of your age, education or income level. Most individuals are struggling financially and desperately looking for help in achieving financial success. Every person seeks prosperity for themselves and their families, and with Rich Habits the secret to financial success, possessed by only the wealthiest individuals, will be revealed. Join the "Rich Habits" financial success revolution.

Book Reviews

  • Really Good Read

    By Aphillyboy2hu
    This book has single handed help me improve the quality of my life. I was in the search for knowledge of how does wealthypeople become wealthy and this crossed my path. The ten habits and their detailed explanations definitely challenged me to reflect on my own life of poor habits and to change them to more of the life I would like to live. Iโ€™m now empowered to help others take the first steps and set goals for the future they want to live. Thanks Mr. Corley. P.S. does J.C. Stand for Jesus Christ??? I just got that vibe that it did....
  • Great Book!

    By Southern88Belle12345
    I can wait to start on this new journey after reading Rich Habits. I only wish I'd read it sooner!
  • Rich habits

    By Shah Sultan
    This book gives me inspiration to make my life happy healthy and rich.
  • Such an eye opener

    By Iris Fel
    Rich Habits definitely made more aware of negative practices. Being exposed to positive habits has already created a waves of opportunity. To me, this book was a great read.
  • Great book

  • The1realtor

    By The1realtor
    Superb analogy of success and very easy read. Highly recommend! Great reminder ...
  • Rich Habits

    By BenaRena
    Highly recommend if you care ABT your life at all.
  • A bit adolescent but good

    By Mr. Bay Loff
    There were parts of this book I liked, but nothing I really loved. I enjoyed that it started its actionable teachings with a calling for self assessment after what felt like years of fluff. The first couple and ending pages of this book reminded me of a children's parable. The beginning set the scene and explained how each habit can affect your life as a whole. The end of the book finished with success stories (real or fictitious?) One could draw the conclusion that the best way to execute the advice from the book is to accomplish the action one is currently the worst at first. I would have re-written this book as a one page article explaining each habit, suggesting self-assessment of each habit, and asking the reader to attack the weakest habit first.
  • 30 pages of gold. 60 pages of fluff

    By jacurtis
    The concepts within this book are very good. I found lots of value from reading this book. I also had a friend read it too and he came to the same conclusion that I did. The first 50 pages are painful. They are (likely fictitious) stories of why people have decided to follow the Rich Habits program over the years. The next 30 pages are the gold. The actual program. The last 10-15 pages are follow ups to the meaningless stories in the first part of the book. All in all, I would just skip to the actual program in part 3. That part is good. I'm not sure if it's worth $10 or not. But it's good and it takes about 45 minutes to go through. I took several notes. The rest of the book is meaningless.
  • The tips are great! The long story to get to the tips is not necessary.

    By ad_dude
    I have no idea why there is such a long story leading up to the 10 tips then a log story after the tips are listed. Very bizarre. I loved the tips. They are not too long, but detailed enough so you know what to do. I recommend the book, but honestly just skip to the tips because you donโ€™t need the story! Worth the money, just donโ€™t waste time with the story.