In The Stars - Ava Stone

In The Stars

By Author Ava Stone

  • Release Date: 2014-04-15
  • Genre: Historical
In The Stars
Book Rating: 4.5/5
Based on 10 Reviews

In The Stars - Ava Stone Book Description

Ever since a mysterious fortuneteller informed Miss Wilhelmina Throssell that she’d soon meet her true love - a one-eyed commander -Mina's thought of little else. She never imagined marriage was in the stars for her or that she had a true love out there somewhere. Anywhere.
Lieutenant-Colonel Nathaniel Carrick, Viscount Healeyfield returned home from the battlefields with nothing but his honor, his excellent eye-sight, and a crumbling abbey to his name. As luck would have it however, his wealthy mentor has a daughter of mariagable age that he’d like to see wed before he dies. Almost instantly, Nathaniel is quite smitten with the girl. She’s lovely, enchanting and the most unique female of his acquaintance. Unfortunately, the girl in question is quite adamant that her one true love, whoever he may be, has but a single eye.

Book Reviews

  • Fun!

    By Anglophile73
    What a fun novella. I've always been an Ava Stone fan and the story does not disappoint. It is a little different than her other books, though. There's a mystical element that isn't found in the others, but all of that is from Mina (heroine). She was fun and quirky and I liked her a lot. I wonder if she'll be in any other Ava Stone books in the future.
  • In the stars

    By Reebeel
    This was a cute, funny, short romance.. if you're looking for a quick read this is it .