The Scoundrel's Lover - Jess Michaels

The Scoundrel's Lover

By Author Jess Michaels

  • Release Date: 2015-03-10
  • Genre: Historical
The Scoundrel's Lover
Book Rating: 4.5/5
Based on 26 Reviews

The Scoundrel's Lover - Jess Michaels Book Description

A hot historical romance from USA TODAY Bestselling Romance Author Jess Michaels  

Annabelle Flynn is the sister of London's two biggest libertines, and her reaction has been to become the picture of purity. But the sensual nature of her family has not been lost on her and she is troubled by urges she dare not follow. She ignores the demands of her body and instead throws herself into two different activities. One is pursuing a proper marriage in Society and the other is trying to save her broken brother by following him into the shocking Donville Masquerade, part of a hell run by the mysterious Marcus Rivers.

By day, Annabelle pursues ladylike endeavors and seeks a staid husband to combat the wild reputations of her brothers. By night, she inserts herself into Marcus's business and eventually she finds herself seduced into his bed.

But can a not-quite-proper lady and an entirely unsuitable cad find anything in common outside of the bedroom? And will Annabelle be willing to trade passion for cold, calculated perfection?

Length: Full-length novel 
Sensuality level: Hot and steamy 

This book can be read as a stand-alone novel, but is part of a series (The Notorious Flynns). 
Other books in The Notorious Flynns series include:
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The Scoundrel's Lover (book 2)
The Widow Wager (book 3 - Coming soon!)

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Book Reviews

  • The Scoundrel Lover

    By Armik B
    Love this book the first in the series was good this one is a lot more steamy passion loved Marcus and Annabelle really enjoy the Flynn family they are funny, wild and love each other. On to book 3
  • Love in unexpectedly areas

    By Celvia
    Annabelle Flynn craves respectability and wants to improve on her social standing. As her older brother becomes the new Duke and her other brother Crispin can't seem to accept that fact and is going out of control and acting out. Annabelle wants calm and stability. When she finds out that her brother is hold up in the gambling hell owned by her brother's friend, Marcus Rivers. She wants to rescue her brother Crispin, but he refuse to be helped. Annabelle won't give up. Even if she has to be at the gambling hell every night to keep an eye on Crispin. Marcus Rivers is from the poor side of London and has always been in love with Miss Annabelle Flynn. He knows he is not good enough for her. So it is torture to be around Miss Annabelle every night and not to be able to touch and hold her. Mrs. Jess Michaels never disappoints her readers with some spicy and hot heartfelt stories. I received a complimentary copy from the publisher thru NetGalley for an honest review.

    By Shalucas
    This book in my opinion is the Best one in the Flynn series so far. Annabelle and Marcus story was awesome from start to finished. I could not put this book down so thank goodness I work from home. This is a Must Read if you enjoy reading a funny, sexy, exciting and Hot all at once. JM Great Job looking forward to reading Widow Wager I can't wait.
  • A MUST read!!

    By Fzyfrog
    4.5 stars! Emotional, exceptionally written characters with depth, page turning, heart breaking, extra spicy with love pouring from the pages. These are just a few descriptions I'd use for The Scoundrel's Lover. Annabelle and Marcus are perfectly matched. She can't deny her Flynn heritage no matter what she thinks she wants. A great love story! I've found my favorite Jess Michaels book to date. Wonderfully written. Highly recommend!
  • Loved this book!

    By Stanhop3234
    I have to say I loved everything about this book. Strong flawed characters who did not know their own worth because of the life they've lived and the constrictions of the ton. Marcus Rivers runs Donville Masquerade a popular Hell in London Annabelle Flynn wants nothing more then a respectable life and a fine match among the ton. Shes having her first season and trying her best to fit in. Every since her brother Rafe has become the Duke of Hartholm their brother Chrispin has been floundering in what he thinks is the lose of a brother to a world he wants nothing to do with. A night of drinking a gaming has drive Annabelle to rescue him from the Hell and her possible ruin. She strikes a bargain with Marcus to allow her to keep and eye on Chrispin when he's at the Hell. Over time Marcus comes to see that there is much more to Annabelle then he new and Annabelle is finding it harder and harder to deny her feelings for Marcus. She proposes a proposition for Marcus to introduce her to the pleasure she craves but that there is no chance of a true relationship because she looking for a proper husband. Both not realizing what's right in front of them and thoughts of what they want and think they can not and should not have stands between them and true happiness. This was such a wonderful and beautiful romance of two people that des ever all the happiness and love that's offered to them if they can only see their true worth. I highly recommend this series and it should be read in order.